Bean Zome Homestay Entrence
Baba Budangiri

Bean Zone Homestay

A perfect getaway, a perfect bliss, a perfect place where you can unwind and feel at home. We are not offering you the luxury of hotels, the ambience where you are made to feel like a guest. However, we are inviting you to feel the culture, tradition and hospitality of Chikmagalur, to give you a feeling of what it’s like to be a part of our family. Our home is nested with in the coffee plantation, surrounded by lush greenery and only few kms from town. You will soon get used to going to bed with the sound of crickets and waking up to the chirping of birds, especially parrots. Our home made food will lure you down to the kitchen to ask our cook for the recipes. Travelling is all about meeting new people, the different experiences that bond people together and that is exactly what we are offering

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Bean Zone Homestay in the middist of Giri Hills

The valley of Giri is known for its majestic mountain ranges, lush green forests and landscape, rivers, lakes and springs, ancient temples and monuments, and amazing art and architecture.

Bean Zone is one of the best accommodation near to Chikmagalur town. The accommodation is located near to river site with beautiful scenic view. The accommodation at Bean Zone is well furnished and maintained. We have our own kitchen cooking traditional malnad cuisines. Guests can enjoy the fresh seasonal fruits at Bean Zone Homestay. And we need not tell about home grown coffee powders which is marvellous and aromatic

Bean Zone Homestay offers a perfect ambience which gifts that pleasant touch of sitting in a bamboo chair, under a bougainvillea tree, sipping lemonade and letting your mind relax. The stay at Bean Zone Homestay reminiscences with a gentle breeze ruffles through. The landscaping around the bungalow is serene and a divine treat for your eyes with a beautiful garden humming with bees and birds. Cuisines are chosen from the traditional home food. The plantation where the fragrance of the orange blossom wafts in the air is a nature lover’s delight. Take a stroll by the river side and pass by a valley where palm fronds are waving, gently beckoning to relax under the shade.